You need to know your rights

Most of us who have been around music for any length of time have heard of the term ‘music piracy’. It is the illegal copying, sharing, downloading, or transmission of music, and it’s a huge concern for the music industry. Pirated music can be transmitted, shared or sold physically or online.

Music piracy stunts careers, stifles talent and eats away at the ability of composers and recording artists to continue making the great music that is the soundtrack to our lives. Music piracy also takes bread off the tables of the thousands of people who work in music-related fields - from authors and composers of musical works, recording artists, to record company employees, studio producers, sound engineers and music retailers.

That’s why SINGHIGH has, since 2014, been thinking, researching and working out on mechanisms that will frustrate of music pirates and oppressors. We will work on a continued emphasis on education and consumer awareness to overcome the perception that music piracy is not un-ethical. Reducing music piracy requires a fundamental shift in the public’s attitude toward this practice, and public education is a critical component of any successful effort.

3 things to know about Singhigh


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