Our story, our value

Music has always had a big effect our lives and on culture throughout history. From lullabies to play songs, from play songs to school songs, from school to spiritual songs, national songs, struggle songs , sports anthems, relationship songs and others. Music has the power to move people, influencing character, relationships, politics, faith, fashion and popular culture. Application of Music is from birth till death and after. Music is a lifestyle to our past and our future. So it’s incredibly important that we protect our musical talent and heritage. We encourage existing and new music creators to join Singhigh.

Since 2014, SINGHIGH has been thinking about you as an artist. We have seen your frustration and we aspire to represent you and protect your music. We are your voice and your music rights champion. We protect the rights of composers and authors (music creators) both locally and internationally.

We will partner and collaborate with those mandated to collect your money through license fees from music users – television broadcasters, radio stations, in-store radio stations, pubs, clubs, retailers, restaurants and all other businesses that broadcast, use or play music. We will ensure that we create a collective voice that will bring accountability, transparency and discipline your behalf.

Singhigh is all you are meant to do.

We are a team of passionate people with the sole aim of bringing a sense of self worth,creativity,quality production and right representation for the Kenyan music industry. We will act as the one stop over place for all the music partners. You register with us and we take care of all other entities.


To be a profitable business maintaining real growth while creating prosperity through the provision of a diversified range of music products and services to the benefit of Kenyan Musicians


To be the Champion and voice of musicians and artists in East Africa

Core Values

C:customer Satisfaction


  • To create value for the creators and users of music;
  • To protect the intellectual property rights of writers, composers and music publishers;
  • To ensure that members whose works are broadcast and played commercially are paid their royalties;